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Words and Errata

Words and Errata

SA Collins

Words and Errata

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The works of SA Collins are for

The genre of his works are Gay Literature Fiction (across multiple sub-genres). Use of this site acknowledges that you do not find such material to be offensive and hold harmless any claim of offense upon SA Collins and Akwekon Media by viewing any of its contents contained herein.

Given the nature of the works, there will be some nudity involved where appropriate. This is an advisory notice that this site might not be safe for the workplace environment (NSFW). -- Just a heads up so no one can claim ignorance.

If you believe this material to be offensive, you are advised to exit this site now.

Be sure to check out my other blog site where I am writing my personal stories as a young gay boy growing up through the 60s to the present.
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The Angels of Mercy Book Timeline - How the books stack up:

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Angels of Mercy Vol1, Vol 2 and Phoenix (companion to V2) are available now.

Marco’s Prequel series,
Diary of a Quarterback Parts 1 and 2, will be available Spring 2017.

The final
Angels of Mercy Vol 3 expected release date will be by end of 2017.
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New Releases

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Free read for my upcoming Cove Chronicles Episode One is available from The Works section. You can find the link to the free read here.
It is an epic retelling of the Haudenosaunee creation myth coupled with the story of Spruce and Flint and the Peacemaker! But this time with a brilliant Sci-Fi twist. Science masquerading as magic with a queer hero at its core. Mohawks and Quantum Mechanics – what a match! Check it out …

Angels of Mercy Series

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On the cusp of his senior year at Mercy High, Elliot Donahey, an out but terminally shy gay boy who keeps to the shadows – never wanting to be seen or noticed – suddenly finds himself in the arms of the highest profile jock on campus, local star quarterback Marco Sforza; their lives, and those closest to them will never be the same.

Available NOW!

Volume One: Elliot

You can find it at the following online locations:


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Volume Two: Marco



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About the work:

A companion novel to Angels of Mercy - Volume Two: Marco, as told by his boyfriend, Elliot Donahey.

The climb out of the homophobic beat-down that Elliot endured at the hands of Marco's teammates is only the beginning. In Angels of Mercy - Phoenix In The Fire, Elliot has a choice to make: withdraw further into himself and risk losing the one person who loves him unconditionally, or find a way to rise above it and become stronger?

For Elliot the choice is clear. He must choose to rise because Marco means everything to him. But as the boys find their way out of their nightmarish situation other things begin to plague them. Deceit, familial intrigue and secrets begin to eke into the boys lives as they try to just keep moving forward. To remedy this Marco provides a haven for Elliot that will keep him protected, walled off from any harm. But is this the answer the boys seek? Elliot isn't so sure, and even Marco begins to have his doubts. Marco throws every ounce of his immense resources at the problem, but as Elliot tells him, "Money can't solve what's troubling us." To add to the boy’s woes, Marco’s meddlesome brother is threading his way into their relationship in the most inappropriate ways. Everything is not what it seems. Marco and Elliot are just trying to find their way out and remain together. The investigation back home isn’t making things any better as the authorities are closing in on who attacked Elliot. Everything bubbles up to the breaking point for them all. Will Marco and Elliot's love for one another be strong enough to see them through?
Phoenix in the Fire


What I'm Working on Now ...

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Currently In Editing …

Diary of a Quarterback Part 1 - King of Imperfections

by SA Collins

Due: Early Summer 2016
An excerpt from the work in progress:

Over the following months I found myself sinking further into the life of an up and coming quarterback and the attention and adoration it brought along with it. That as cool. I got into it a bit, even if my cousin Francesca and my brother kept me grounded and reminded me of just how little that local celebrity mattered in life. They allowed me to bask in it a bit, but not abnormally so. I appreciated that so much because I never wanted to be that guy. You know the one I mean, all caught up in his own shit and making it worse by thinking that it didn’t stink either when everyone else thought your shit stunk to high heaven – as I once heard Elliot’s mom say as she dropped him off one morning. She was gently prodding him about his brooding mood that I just so happened to be there to overhear.

Okay, that wasn’t as random as I was making it out to sound. Truth of the matter was, I made damned sure I was around every damned morning when he arrived on campus. I just started doing it. He didn’t ask, I don’t remember my making a conscious decision to do so. It just sort of … happened.

The Latest -

The WROTE Podcast! - I also have my Words and Errata post-show posting on my own Soundcloud channel (sacollins)

- Phoenix in the Fire.

NEW FREE READ - I've posted the first chapter to my Native American Sci-Fi epic - THE COVE CHRONICLES (think Lord of the Rings - gone native). You can read it here.

NEW FAE WARS posting in The Works section. Chapter 1 through 3 is now a free read. This is a work in progress (WIP) so fair warning that it is subject to revisions. Enjoy!

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Quote from Angels of Mercy - Volume One: Elliot

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Dusk - Magic time…

On him it was nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. Dusk made love to my boyfriend in ways I could scarce imagine; he practically glowed in the waning light. A Maxfield Parrish kind of glow. Heroic, almost god like in its etherealness. There were no other words to describe him: he was transcendently beautiful. But it seemed his words were not about him just now, this was about me. About

- Angels of Mercy Chapter 2.
Read it here.

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