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Words and Errata

Words and Errata

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This saga has quite a bit to impart - for starters it is about the Fae but not the Fae of Celtic lore. I've turned it upside down and gone further back in time - all the way back to its roots of the Norse legends.

Only there's a twist. And it's fairly big - and it involves we humans - especially the males of the species.

The Feigr (the old Norse word for the Fae) are beings who are the bringers of death. My Feigr are at war - a civil war that has spilt itself all over us. Earth is now caught in the middle of this nasty conflict. And we're ripe for the picking. And pick, my Feigr do.

There are
free reads of scenes from the series. It is a work in progress so bear in mind that it may still change up a bit before publication.

You can read each of the entries by using the menu bar above or by clicking one of the following links (there are links at the bottom of each free read to take you to the next section I've posted in the order they should be read).

Chapter 1 - Hollow Boy
Elsewhere I

Author's Sidebar: The main character of this book is actually where I picked up my nom de plume. Sebastian Alexander Collins was the first fully fleshed out character study I've ever done. I've written several things before (and after) but I am a bit partial to Sebastian because I know him best. So I honored that by taking his name to author all of my works.

General Disclaimer
- As I write Fictional Literature with a decidedly queer perspective, I want to make it abundantly clear that I have used imagery of male models that I feel help me convey the vision I have in my head and in my works, but in NO WAY does it imply, construe or insinuate the nature of the male model's proclivities or personal orientation. They are intended merely as a representation as near to I can come to visually describe the men in my works. All copyrights apply to their original content owners (where applicable). I make no such claim.