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Words and Errata

Words and Errata

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Check out the podcast that I am so proud to be a part of. The Wrote Podcast! Each week we’ll be discussing the craft of writing with my co-hosts: Jayne Lockwood and Vance Bastian along with a guest author each week! Don’t miss out on a single episode. You can find us on Soundcloud (wrotepodcast) or on iTunes under podcasts (wrotepodcast).

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General Disclaimer
- As I write Fictional Literature with a decidedly queer perspective, I want to make it abundantly clear that I have used imagery of male models that I feel help me convey the vision I have in my head and in my works, but in NO WAY does it imply, construe or insinuate the nature of the male model's proclivities or personal orientation. They are intended merely as a representation as near to I can come to visually describe the men in my works. All copyrights apply to their original content owners (where applicable). I make no such claim.