SA Collins

Words and Errata


A curation of some of my all time favorite literary inspirations.

John Rechy

I’ve made no apologies that two authors more than any other influenced my queer boy life from the very start. John Rechy was the first. The Sexual Outlaw, and City of Night completely re-wrote my world. Through his prose I discovered more about myself and my burgeoning sexuality than I would’ve if I had been left to my own meanderings. Rechy’s works clarified so many things for me. Not that I wanted to dive right into his heady, overtly sexualized world, at the tender age of 16, but I was able to live vicariously until I took the sexual plunge into the world of man-on-man sex. But Rechy gave me possibilities and poetically gifted me with the raw sensuality that could exist between two men. Through his words, I became transformed. His books were my bibles. I believed in them far more than the one I’d been told to believe in since I was a young boy. Here is an incredible interview with him on the 50th anniversary of his ground shaking work, The City of Night.